Lunchroom Policies

Lunch Visitors lunch bag and apple

In order to accommodate the increased number of visitors in the cafeteria during lunch,
parent lunch visits are limited to once per month. We have assigned days for you to come and enjoy lunch with your child. You are always welcome to drop lunch off to your child, but if you wish to stay and eat, please do so on the following day:

Lunch Visitation will begin September 10th.

Mondays- 1st Grade
Tuesdays - 2nd Grade
Wednesdays - 3rd Grade & 1/2 Kindergarten (Morgan/Anderson, Downey, Rejas-Cantu)
Thursdays - 4th Grade & 1/2 Kindergarten (Allen, Borque)
Fridays - 5th Grade

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding!

Birthday Snacks & Seasonal Celebrations

While the use of non food rewards and celebrations is always preferred, Klein ISD acknowledges that there are instances when foods are used appropriately as part of instruction. Additionally the Texas Education Code §28.002(L-3)(1) permits parents/guardians or grandparents to provide a birthday snack for their child's birthday. The following guidelines apply to such snacks:

• The campus nurse will be given a two week advanced written notice of the parent /
guardian decision to provide food items to students.

• The campus nurse will be given a two week notice for the instructional use of food.

• Birthday snacks will be distributed by Klein ISD staff at the end of the lunch period, after students have had a nutritious meal as defined by the School Lunch Program and Texas Department of Agriculture.

• Written consent from a parent/guardian must be obtained before a student will be
permitted to receive and eat a birthday / classroom snack.

• Parents/guardians are encouraged to obtain snacks through the Klein ISD Nutrition &
Food Services Department. With advance notice, the Nutrition & Food Services
Department can provide a choice from an assortment of snacks.

• Any parent/guardian who provides a birthday/ seasonal snack not provided by Klein ISD
Nutrition & Food Services must:
Submit to the campus nurse two weeks in advance of serving the snack:
A complete list of ingredients included in the snack.
In the case of commercially prepared food, the product label must be provided,
including the complete ingredient list and all information about production line exposure to known food allergens.

All snacks must be individually wrapped and packaged in a disposable container.
Schools will not be responsible for parents’ personal kitchen items.

All snacks must be delivered by the parent to the campus main office, where a
written receipt for the item will be prepared. Children will not be permitted to
carry snacks to school.

In keeping with the Klein ISD Wellness Policy, parents are encouraged to provide a non food treat for their child’s birthday celebration, such as pencils, pens or stickers. If a food treat is preferred, parents are encouraged to provide a healthy treat for students, such as fruit, yogurt, granola bars, etc.
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